Women's Imaging & Diagnostic Services 

Convenient access to services
With convenient parking, a spa-like setting and location right inside The Women’s Center lobby, Spalding Regional’s Women’s Imaging & Diagnostics Services area makes it more convenient for women to get their annual screening mammogram and access other services.  

The department currently features digital mammography with computer-aided detection system. Spalding Regional Hospital is the first healthcare provider in the area to feature the advanced technology of digital mammography. We also provide ultrasound, breast biopsy, bone density and other diagnostic services for women.

Clearer image, Quicker exam
For the patient, a digital mammogram is conducted in the same manner as traditional film mammography. However, advanced digital mammography takes electronic images, not film images. The benefit is that images can be manipulated to improve resolution and contrast. The clearer images make it easier to view dense tissue and small tumors. 

Digital mammography will also shorten the procedure time for patients and since there is no waiting for film to be developed, the technician will immediately know if any additional images are needed.

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We offer convenient hours of operation from 8am - 5pm, with lunchtime appointments available, AND Saturday morning appointments once a month.  

How to prepare for your test
The best time to schedule your mammogram is for the week following your period. This is because your period may cause your breasts to be more sensitive and tender than usual.  
If there’s a possibility that you are pregnant your doctor or the technologist must be informed prior to the test being conducted. Other preparations that you should make include: 

    Do not wear deodorant, powder or lotion under your arms or on your breasts. They can appear on your mammogram as calcium spots.

  • Tell your doctor and the technologist of any breast symptoms or problems that you have been experiencing.

  • If you had any mammograms at other facilities, bring copies of the films with you so that the radiologist can compare the results.
    You will be asked to remove all jewelry and clothing above the waist before the exam. A gown or loose fitting material that opens in the front will be provided.

Mammography: Frequently Asked Questions