Our Commitment to Quality

Message from the CEO

CEO John QuinnOne of the keys to the success of any worthwhile endeavor we choose to undertake is our ability to measure our progress in achieving the objectives we have set for ourselves. Without this critical feedback, we cannot accurately judge whether our efforts are truly effective or not.

I'd like to tell you about the initiatives we have implemented to improve quality of care and patient safety at Spalding Regional Hospital. On this web site you will see information on some of the programs and processes we have put in place to help us achieve our quality goals, and highlights some of the individuals who play a key role in these important efforts.

Spalding Regional Hospital has received several awards and commendations of which I am very proud, and extremely appreciative of the dedicated staff and physicians whose hard work are behind this. The information contained in this document offers tangible evidence of the progress we are making toward accomplishing our No. 1 objective: ensuring that we consistently provide safe and effective care for every patient who seeks treatment at our hospital.

Please read "Our Commitment to You," our patients, at the link below as well.  At Spalding Regional Hospital, we are committed to providing each and every patient with quality care.

Our Commitment to You

John Quinn


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