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Ashley Landers
Like many first-time moms, Ashley Landers didn’t know what to expect when she delivered her first child. But she was pleased when her obstetrician recommended Spalding Regional Hospital. “All my friends had their children there,” she explains, “and they all had such good things to say.”

Ashley affirms, “The place is beautiful  – my room didn’t feel like what you think of as a cold, impersonal hospital room at all. But the real difference was the staff.  I expected them to be attentive and knowledgeable. But more than that, they really tried to make a connection with me. I appreciated that.”

Two years later, Ashley chose to have her second child at Spalding Regional, too. “I received great care in a great facility. Spalding made me a believer!”

Ashley is shown above with her beautiful family, daughter Kaylee, husband “Coach” Andy Landers of Pike County High School, and son Levi.


Rhonda McClain
Rhonda McClain is a hair and makeup stylist whose favorite part of her job has always been connecting with her clients. She never enjoyed going to the doctor – and the idea of surgery frightened her. When it became clear that her gynecological issues would require major surgery, she wanted the best and assumed that she would need the services of a large, Atlanta hospital. But her doctor told her that she would get the care she needed close to home, at Spalding Regional Hospital.

Rhonda was doubtful at first, but that didn’t last long. “The people at Spalding Regional made me feel like a VIP,” Rhonda says. “They calmed my fears. They took the time to talk with me about exactly what would happen. From pre-op to post-op, everything went so well.”

She is quick to share her experiences at Spalding Regional because she believes it is important for people to know about the outstanding care she received. “In my profession, I meet so many women who have the same issues, concerns and fears that I had.  I want them all to know that they don’t have to be afraid or go through any more pain. They don’t have to go far, either. The best care is right here at Spalding Regional Hospital.”


Starr Avery

Born and raised in Griffin, Starr Avery wasn’t sure what to expect when she learned that her doctor would be delivering her first child at Spalding Regional Hospital. However, she was pleased to discover how comfortable and secure she felt with the doctors, nurses and staff. “Everyone was so attentive and everything was so crisp and clean. It all came together to make me feel right at home.” Indeed, Starr was so pleased by her experience that she chose Spalding Regional for the birth of her second child, too.

Starr rapidly learned that no matter how a mother tries to protect her children, injuries sometimes can happen. When one of her sons tripped and fell on his head, he was rushed to Spalding Regional Hospital’s emergency room. Again, Starr wasn’t sure what to expect. “I remembered having to wait a long time when I hurt my ankle as a child, and I’d heard other stories about long wait times. So, I was really pleased by how fast he was able to be seen and treated.”

Starr says, “It’s a completely different hospital from the one I knew as a child. Spalding made me a believer!” 

Pamela Richards
Pamela Richards has lived in Griffin all her life and having delivered both of her children (now ages 22 and 25) at Spalding, she thought she knew the hospital – and she did not like it. So, when she had to be rushed to the emergency room because of a severe allergic reaction, she says, “I was worried. But let me tell you - I didn’t have to be. This hospital has really changed for the better.”

Pamela was treated by the emergency room doctors quickly before being transferred to the Intensive Care Unit for 24 hour observation. She says that she was struck by how clean and spacious the hospital was. More than anything, however, she was impressed by Spalding Regional’s team of doctors, nurses and support staff.  “The entire staff helped me feel so comfortable and at ease,” she recalls, “They made me feel like my care was important to them, like I was important to them.”

Today, Pamela is eager to talk about her experience. “Things have really turned around! And I want people to know – you don’t have to go to a larger, bigger name facility. There is great health care in our hometown.”